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Re: [fedora-virt] Successful Compile of libguestfs 1.0.31 in Fedora 11

On 05/26/2009 11:01 AM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 12:56:03PM -0400, Robert L Cochran wrote:
I've been looking at the postings here more closely now that I have a  
Ubuntu guest running, and I decided to compile libguestfs-1.0.31 in  
Fedora 11. It took some time for me to get the dependencies installed.  
Question: what packages do I need for the ruby bindings? What package  
represents rake? How about OCaml bindings -- what packages are needed to  
get it to build?

If you're just trying to get libguestfs to run on Fedora 11, then I
strongly suggest starting off with the packages we are building for
Fedora 11.

You should be able to get them from updates, ie:

  yum --enablerepo=updates install libguestfs guestfish ocaml-libguestfs-devel [etc...]

and if that doesn't work, you can get them from Koji:


Select the latest package with '.fc11' in the name.

When building this file as part of  `make`:


I got an awesome number of errors related to my not being the root user,  
but I assume those errors are okay since I built as an ordinary user.  

You'll get a few errors.  Lots of these errors go away if you use the
newest possible version of fakechroot (eg. 2.9-22).

Also the perl documentation process came up with a large number of 

After doing `make check` I got this result:

Test boot completed after 10 iterations.
PASS: test-bootbootboot.sh
All 2 tests passed

That looks very good.

Am I ready for 'make install' -- is libguestfs built sufficiently well  
for that? Although I would like to get the ruby and OCaml bindings to  

'make install' ought to work.  We never use it because we build RPMs
and install those.



Okay, thanks for pointing me to Koji. Can I set up a yum repo for it? How do I code it?

Also, can I set up a repo for Fedora 12 updates in Fedora 11, using Mark's suggested repo coding? Or has the location for Fedora 12 updates changed to Koji? If I take in Fedora 12 versions, will I risk my virtual machines dropping dead?



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