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Re: [fedora-virt] Host lock up in F12


I have found a way to consistently lock up a F12 host.

I had three guests, another F12 and two windows ones. I added another with the lastest Mandriva x64, configured as 'kernel newer that 2.6.25 with virtio', it installed fined and
everything seemed to be all right.

To test what would happen  I then went to a terminal a typed 'reboot'.

On powerin on, the host would allway lock up, fortunatley it gave enough time to disable
Mandriva starting on boot and now it works.

Does that ring a bell? Is there a way have a guest boot five minutes after boot?

Best bet is probably to hook up a serial console so you can get the full
oops info

You mean like this?


Problem is I don't have a serial cable, I will have to check if the electronics store has one.


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