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Re: [fedora-virt] Routing to guests

> From: Philip Rhoades
> I can ssh from/to the host/guest OK but how do I set up a route (or
> whatever is necessary) so that another machine:
>         eth0:
> can ssh to the guest? - "ssh" gives "no route to host" -
> http://docs.fedoraproject.org/virtualization-guide/f12/en-US/html/ but
> the problem does not seem to be covered there.

Alexander is correct in saying that bridging would allow you to do that.

There are two networking discussed in the guide.

The first is a NAT (network address translation), in which the guests are
given "private" ip addresses and any outbound traffic appears to be coming
from the host machine's IP address. This is the same as the setup on your
ADSL router where the internal network machines get addresses of
192.168.x.x but the internet sees your requests as coming from the IP
address of your router.

There should be lots of documentation in linux firewalling guides under
sections on NAT (or possibly called IP Masquerading in some). Have a look
at these for information on  port forwarding to reveal services
inside the virtual (such as ssh).

The other option is bridging. This shares the physical network interface
of the host with the guest. In this case the VM acts as though it's a
machine plugged into the same subnet as the host, its services are
accessible like those of the host and it's as vulnerable to attack as the


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