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Re: [fedora-virt] merging lists?

Jon Stanley wrote:
> I'm working on migrating Fedora lists from RHT infrastructure to
> Fedora infrastructure in the coming little bit. The question that I
> had was does fedora-xen and fedora-virt both need to exist? I'm
> subscribed to both, and certainly the conversations on each are
> different, but could they be merged?
> As of several months ago, the subscriber count of fedora-xen was WAY
> higher than that of fedora-virt, this doesn't seem to make much sense
> since Xen is not The Way Forward(TM), at least from what I can see.
> I guess the question is could we merge the two lists, and have one
> less to migrate, or are both really needed?

I would vote for merging them.  I don't see a real need to have the two separate
lists; we can discuss both Xen and KVM on the fedora-virt list with no problem.

I think the fact that fedora-xen has so many subscribers is historical, since
that was the first virtualization technology.  A polite note to fedora-xen
saying that the list is going away, and to re-subscribe to fedora-virt, would
probably work.  It's worked for other lists we've renamed/combined.

Chris Lalancette

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