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Re: [fedora-virt] using kqemu with fedora-virt-preview repo

Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
> I have a powerful server but without VT capabilities, where I would like
> to use virt-manager tools as of fedora-virt-preview repo and speed up
> somehow things using kqemu.
> It seems that kqemu support is not compiled in for this repo, correct?
> Instead, as the kqemu kernel module is in rpmfusion, I presume that the
> stock f11 qemu has this support built in....
> Am I wrong?

I do think you are wrong, as you found out below; we have kqemu specifically
disabled.  kqemu is going away, and in fact has been ripped out of upstream
qemu, because it only kind-of sort-of works some of the time.

> Any problems to compile kqemu support ?
> On another server, tried to rebuild qemu-0.11.0-2.fc11.src.rpm  (from
> fedora-virt) after installing kqemu from rpmfusion.
> But while if I take the source I get kqemu as enabled in configure
> script, in rpmbuild I don't get so.
> I notice that inside the qemu tar.gz as provided by the source.rpm there
> are three lines below in the top configure script: 
> if [ "$cpu" = "i386" -o "$cpu" = "x86_64" ] ; then
>     kqemu="yes"
>     audio_possible_drivers="$audio_possible_drivers fmod"
>     kvm="yes"
>     kqemu="no"
> So I commented out the kqemu="no" line... and built the package (not
> touching the other two configure scripts that seems related to kvm...)
> After installing, if I run qem-kvm or qemu without kqemu all is ok.
> Instead, running
> [root tekkaman bin]# ./qemu --enable-kqemu
> I get
> Not enough memory (requested_size = 16777216, max memory = 146800640)
> Aborted
> Any hints?
> For Kqemu now gplv2, are there any barriers to have it included in
> fedora directly?

Yes, it's completely unmaintained, not upstream, and never will be.  Sorry, the
way of the future is KVM (and possibly Xen dom0 support, if and when it makes it
into upstream Linux).

Chris Lalancette

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