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[fedora-virt] Request for confirmation/assistance

I have a qemu-kvm problem which causes a qemu-kvm guest to "suddenly" crash:

This has happened to me at least 5 times on a F12-rawhide host running

The guests (which crashed) have been F11 and F12 with (at the time) all 
updates applied.

The problem appears to be related to "sound" which does not work currently for 
a guest and which I do not use.  I do not know what action on my part "causes" 
the problem.  When the problem occurs, there have been (IIRC) two guests 
running (F11 and F12).  When the problem happens, the guest console suddenly 
becomes a white screen with "Guest not running".  There are messages in 
/var/log/messages which say that qemu-kvm has had a segfault.

OK, has anyone else seen anything like this?

So far, there has been insufficient information to give the developers, etc. any 
idea of where the problem is.  I suspect it would be helpful if someone else 
had the problem.


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