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[Fedora-websites-list] Re: Fedora Websites Agenda

On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 12:00 -0500,
fedora-websites-list-request redhat com wrote:
> 5. Usability improvements on the wiki
> There have been several good suggestions for improvements to the wiki.
> First, there was the idea of making a more general-purpose FrontPage
> to
> better serve visitors.  Then, assorted improvements for the wiki's
> themes.  A lot of progress has been made, lets see what else needs to
> be
> done.  The latest idea, courtesy of Rahul Sundaram, is the restoration
> of the 'Parent' links provided by MoinMoin's default themes.  These
> links, which allow a visitor to quickly browse to any page's parent in
> the hierarchy, disappeared during the creation of the
> kindofblue/sinorca4moin theme.

Hello All, 
"Kind of Blue" the new Fedoraproject.org theme was designed by Diana
(Fong) of Redhat. I think that we should consult Diana with any redesign
such as the placement of the 'Parent' links. I am not sure if she is
subscribed to the list but can someone check that? 

I am currently working with Diana to implement a generic front page. A
mockup is at http://www.isity.net/temp/reformat.png . We may need to
have a different CSS for the front page because I am having a hard time
incorporating it in the limited functionality design functionality that
wiki gives.

I guess any comments on the mockup will be welcome. Since I am familiar
with the website and the wiki, I can spend sometime to implement other
improvements that may come up. 


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