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Re: Topic Names in Wiki Translations

Patrick Barnes wrote:
Long-term, it would be nice to make translations more accessible. Auto-detection of existing translations to provide links only when a translation is available would be nice. Right now, wiki translation is still at an early stage, so we wouldn't gain much out of it at this point, and I don't know that the MoinMoin hacking to make this happen would be simple.

Many users doesn't even know that there are wiki translations to be done. I only knew because I asked in IRC and quaid returned me the Language wiki page. Maybe implementing this will grow the volunteers willing to translate the pages. It's motivating.

I know that this is extra-work and doesn't have too much importance for some, but I think it's important. So to save you work, I'll try to search for some solution and present here in the list if I find one. I don't like to only talk, I like action too :)

We do have one nice advantage: As long as the translations are done properly, MoinMoin will detect the language setting of a browser and attempt to load the translated page automatically. For example, if you set your browser to French and visit FedoraMain, you'll be forwarded to fr_FR/FedoraPrincipal, with all of the built-in links in French, too. My hope is that this feature will make links to translations less critical.

Good! I didn't know this! I'll try right now :)

We'll have to revisit the idea again down the road.

I'll, for sure. :-)


"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." - Linus Torvalds

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