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CLA for Wiki contributions

Further research and discussion with the Foundation counsel brings a
simple resolution to this.  We need a single CLA signed for code,
documentation, Wiki pages, etc.  Let's do it.

Of the 345 folks in EditGroup, a subset have not signed the CLA, and of
that, a subset have actually contributed to the Wiki.  Those people we
need to identify and explain the situation.

AP Websites team -- we need:

* A one-stop page for the CLA-to-be to work from - can someone with a
few minute throw up a straw man plan?
* If feasible, divide the group of CLA-needy amongst Docs and Websites
volunteers to provide personal assistance, explanations, hand-holding,
* ???

AP Patrick -- let's pull the ripcord on this.  How should we announce?
We need to hit fedora-devel-list, since I reckon a small group is there.
What else?  Just create a mass Bcc: list from the account records?
Should filter out the have-CLA-already first.

Thanks - Karsten
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