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Improving wiki localization

I'm Samuel Bizien, a young french student working in the french l10n
team, especially on wiki pages.
We've seen that, while there's a lot of pages translated into french,
french readers are not always aware that they exist, and surf the wiki
in english. Several tumes, i've seen french community members sending
links to english page, where we had translated it. I think other l10n
team may have the same problem. 
I've seen that this point has been discussed, but i haven't seen any

To solve this problem, we could imagine 2 different solutions:
1. As for FedoraMain page, redirect user to the localized version of the
page he asked for. It seems to be a bit complicated...

2. Include a list of translation available on the pages. I saw it was
impossible to do it automatically with MoinMoin (it's one of the feature
request -and there's a lot of feature requests-). Maybe the l10n teams
could manage it, no ? For example, we could :
- List all translations available on the english page
- In translated version, add a link to english (original) page.
Maybe to do that, a macro would be "the top". I do not know how to write
a macro. But we could use a template, defined for all l10n teams. An
example of what it could be :
You're allowed and encouraged to modify this page, test different
solution, templates, or look. 
What do you think of it ?

Obviously, this need to be discussed, that's just ideas that i share.


Samuel Bizien.

PS: I hope you've understood my (poor) english language. Ask me to
explain a bit more if you do not. 

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