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Re: Improving wiki localization

Le lundi 25 juin 2007 à 09:00 -0300, Diego Búrigo Zacarão a écrit :
> Great idea!
> So, in pages under /wiki/pt_BR/, for example, it only need add a new
> category.
> Regards
> 2007/6/25, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>:
>         On Sat, 2007-06-23 at 19:52 +0100, Dimitris Glezos wrote:
>         > I added another approach: create a subpage listing
>         translations and linking from 
>         > all pages there, so that all localized pages link to all the
>         rest. I used a
>         > table and some CSS to style it up (which could be moved to
>         our CSS file
>         > screen-common.css).
>         How about using the Category* tool?  For example, all pages
>         translated 
>         into French would have this at the bottom:
>         ----
>         CategoryfrFR
>         If that is confusing, how about "CategoryLangfrFR".
>         The category tool is a bit resource intensive to use,
>         AIUI.  Still, if 
>         every translated page were part of a category of pages in that
>         language,
>         it would make pulling up all translated pages a bit easier.

I don't understand ... What is it for ?
Isn't it more simpler to have all translated version of the page listed
on the same page, than on different category pages ?


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