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Re: static page for F7 release, new directions

Karsten Wade wrote:
Updated version of this initial mock-up at:


* New footer disclaimer text.
* More black text (save <h1> and <hr>)

Be fully aware -- Máirín has another CSS in her pocket, I just didn't
have it to work from.  This is one reason the XCF (GIMP) source file is
available; it's in layers to make it easy to wrap it in a new style.
So, what we are doing right now is getting some stuff out of the way
that we don't want, and narrowing our requirements for the next

So I had a couple of ideas...

I kind of like the template set up by the new 404 page:

I don't know if I'm as happy with the moin template I hacked up a few weeks back:

This is something I came up with kind of doodling based off of the 404 page design but I'm not crazy about it:

Maybe a better iteration:

Navbar really needs work, but... :) it's closer to the 404 page design with the line along the top of the page.

Any thoughts on any of these options? I need to start hacking on the plone css...

Does the explanation of Fedora on the page seem good?

I'm not sure how to expand the - I'm a computer user, I'm a developer, why is Fedora for me part. Did you have ideas for that, Karsten?


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