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Re: F7 static page about spins

On Wed, 2007-05-30 at 02:44 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > We really need a Fedora 7 static page about the different spins before 
> > the launch but I don't have time to work on it today. If anyone wants 
> > to take a look at it please go ahead.
> No, we really don't.  And really this should have been brought up long 
> ago.  Its' really bad form to come in at the last minute and request a 
> bunch of work of people, especially if you're not the one submitting the 
> patches.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Rahul has earned the right to be
the ONE PERSON IN FEDORA who is allowed to run around dropping idea
bombs and not backing them up with his additional sweat.  I may not
always love his methodology, but he is more often right than not, at
least in these matters. :)  Plus, he does plenty of sweat work in other
places, I've seen the results of the labor.

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