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F8 Website & Translations

Just to update everybody involved:

F8 is coming in bit over a week now, so now is a good time to start
updating the website -- with the added complexity of managing

Right now, fp.o is "frozen" at an earlier commit, which means that we
can start updating the templates/pages to reflect F8.  We should do this
as soon as possible to give translators enough time to update.  

The main changes for the F8 website:
 * Replace all F7 with F8, new slogan is "Reach Higher.", I think.
 * Replace counter with F8 banner, get F8 screenshots for index
 * New and improved get-fedora page

Once this happens (hopefully by Thursday or Friday), we should email
fedora-trans-list to kick off translations.  Ideally, we'd have all
updated translations by Monday, if possible (sent to ricky fp o).  

For existing translations, there should be relatively few changes - just
some HTML fixes, number-changing, and get-fedora.  Also, all wiki links
are in gettext calls now, so the links can point to translated wiki
pages if they are available.  

For get-fedora: At least make sure that the strings are stabilized by
Thursday or Friday- actual layout/design-wise, we'll probably have until
Monday, but the earlier, the better :)


By the way, I won't be around for most of Thursday-Monday.  

Running make in fedora-web should regenerate the POT file if necessary
and msgmerge the PO files.  

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