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Fedora Websites Build Script


I've been alluding to this for a while, but we now have a new website
build script for our static pages!  This script is currently generating
the pages at http://fedoraproject.org/_/en/, and should be making our
static pages beginning with the Fedora 8 website.  

To get the build script/Genshi templates/website content:
git clone ssh://git.fedoraproject.org/git/hosted/fedora-web.git
(or git:// for anonymous access)

Now, members of the web group in FAS should be able to commit/push to
this repo.  With this change, the web group will be moving to more of a
sponsorship model, which has worked well for the Infrastructure team.

Anyway, I can't wait to see how we can use this to expand our current
set of static pages (I will be editing the wiki accordingly shortly).


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