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Re: FedoraMain new look

Marek Mahut wrote:
Hi all,

I've just found that Rahul changed the look of FedoraMain and I don't
like it at all. I think that very important links like FAQ, how to
reports a bug, F8 schedule and statistics are missing. I would prefer to
go back to previous version, what do you think?


We have traditionally been overloading the wiki and using it for all kinds of purposes and it has gotten slow and tedious now. Now that we have a front page with static html that looks a lot better, I think we need to move most of the common end user content elsewhere.

I have filed a request to infrastructure team to launch news.fedoraproject.org and I think drupal would fit that purpose very well now though I am open to other choices.

If you think there are very important links that should be in the front page, just add those back in an appropriate manner. I don't think reverting back is the right answer here.


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