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Comment for fedoraproject.org

Title: Comment for fedoraproject.org


I just wanted to quickly (and I mean quickly) check on fedora.redhat.com (which redirects to fedoraproject.org) when the next fedora release is planned.

On the homepage I read about current Fedora 7, release notes of F7, and the link to learn more about F7.
Get Fedora is not what I want (I have F7 already of course)
Join Fedora is also not what I want
Docs: no, I don't want docs, I want to know about the plans when F8 will be released, or how the beta status is
Wiki: hmmm... maybe, if you like it complicated, maybe I find here what I seek. but no link that told me "here is what you're looking for"

Planet: Planet? ok, the description says "The voices of the Fedora Community", but I don't want to hear the community (right now)

Communicate, Speak with Fedora: ummm no, not what I want

Is there not an easier and faster way to get some infos about planned new releases then to dig deeply in wiki's and forums etc?

By the way, I like the fedoraproject.org web site. It's simple and easy, not overloaded with pictures and text. But when I don't find what I am looking for in a reasonable time, then.... Ok, maybe my search methods are not the best, can be. :)

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