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Re: About "Valid HTML" link of Wiki pages

On Sat, Oct 20, 2007 at 11:01:05PM +0900, Makoto Mizukami wrote:
> I have one proposal about "Valid HTML" link of Wiki footer. 
> When I click "Valid HTML" link, W3C returns me "This page is
> unvalid!". 
> According to the responce, these following things are not allowed to
> be written on HTML 4.0.1 Strict: 
> *"border" element of <img> tag(ex. Headmark of Fedora Wiki) 
> *"width" element of <td> tag(ex. The part of editers' name of footer) 
> *It is not forbidden but being of last "/" in empty tag(??I dont know
> how this is called in en...) like XHTML 
Thanks for pointing this out.  The markup errors should be fixed now,
and as for the unnecessary self-closing tags, this seems to be a bug
in moin (which seems to be marked as a non-bug, unfortunately):

> If the link is not going be erased, it will be better to fix their
> errors. These will be resolved by chaging DOCTYPE to HTML 4.0.1
> Transitional or fixing all assignments by W3C. However, I don't know
> how to edit these tags which depends on Wiki system. 
We're using MoinMoin, and our theme (kindofblue) is located at
http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/web/wiki/?root=fedora.  If you're
interested, the CSS/HTML could probably still use a lot of cleanup :)


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