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Re: Get Fedora

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
I think the second one is better. It explains what x86 etc means but I think it can be improved.

We should probably show Live media as the first choice in the list and mention that we recommend it for the desktop users and that it can be installed to a hard disk.

I'm open to other opinions on this but for the majority of our users that don't follow Fedora, I think they'll be very disappointed in the live cd install process (which is basically just an image copy) there's no package selection and no upgrade. I think, for this release, its best we just call it a live CD and leave it at that.

If I wanted to download a CD image as opposed to a DVD image, the page doesn't make it obvious. Live image for x86_64 is DVD size as opposed to the x86 version which is CD size. I wouldn't able to get that information easily from the download page now.

We should explain what a torrent is.
I don't think that belongs on this page KISS.
The network installation option is not explained in this page as opposed the first one.
Doesn't need to be on this page KISS.
We should also note that the Free Media program is a volunteer one and encourage people to participate.
If they want to learn more about the Free Media program they can do the research to find out, I don't think it belongs on the "get fedora" page. Even google finds :) http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=fedora+free+media+program&btnG=Google+Search
* Why does the install DVD have a mirror list choice but not the Live media?
we could add that.
* Have we decided which spins go to torrent.fedoraproject.org vs what goes into spins page? What's the difference between them? Where is that explained in a way end users reaching the page would understand it?
spins.fedoraproject.org is not listed as torrent anywhere on the page. I did that intentionally to avoid confusion. "Torrent" is a distribution medium, spins are respins, they just so happen to use torrent.
* Mo had a few mockups that made the spins page better than just a listing of torrent files. We should look into that. What's the status on the games spin?
AFAIK the games spin is ready, it's just waiting on releng to build the copy and send it (I've already had their test copy, uploaded it, added it to spins for test)


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