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Re: Get Fedora

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mike McGrath wrote:

* Have we decided which spins go to torrent.fedoraproject.org vs what goes into spins page? What's the difference between them? Where is that explained in a way end users reaching the page would understand it?
spins.fedoraproject.org is not listed as torrent anywhere on the page. I did that intentionally to avoid confusion. "Torrent" is a distribution medium, spins are respins, they just so happen to use torrent.

[ One more point]

Right but that wasn't what I was referring to. Have we decided things like for example, does the Fedora KDE spin go into spins page or the official torrents page? Which of the spins are mirrored and which ones are just distributed via the torrent?

I'd actually argue thats a marketing decision (whether or not KDE is linked on the get fedora page or not) Simple icons would delineate between the two. My personal opinion is that nothing beyond the KDE and Gnome would be official at this point.

Right now no spins are mirrored though that may change soon.


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