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Re: Cattle call?

On Sun, Sep 02, 2007 at 03:21:21PM +1000, Andrew Myers wrote:
> I'm here and take an active interest in what is happening but have
> never really found something I can help with - often due to my own
> lack of time but perhaps if there were some smaller tasks I could get
> a start on I would be keen to take more of an active interest.
Hey, that's great to hear.  

In terms of current tasks for the Websites team, we have a few relevant
tickets in the Fedora Infrastructure trac (see
for the  list).  In particular, it'd be great to hear any
suggestions/ideas for ``Two clicks to LiveCD'' and ``Sponsorship
prominence'' on the list, and we could possibly use a bit of help with
getting a more consistent look and feel for a few more of our
webapps/sites (I know that docs.fp.o and Bodhi might be able to use some
templating work).  The docs team might actually be working on this
already--I'll ask daMaestro about that and see where we might be able to
help him out a bit :) 

For the Translations ticket, I'm current looking into ways to do
templating/translatable content for our static pages--I will try to
update the list on this once I get something a bit more concrete
(hopefully in the next few weeks).  This should hopefully help increase
websites activity a bit.

Side note: How about we encourage contributors to send a
self-introduction to the list, like the Infrastructure team?  It'd be a
great way to get to know everybody/suggest tasks for people.  Any other
suggetions for making the Websites team more open/approachable?  


/me invites everybody to join/talk in #fedora-websites on Freenode.

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