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Re: Where is the list and descriptions of packages?

Stanley A. Klein wrote:
For FC5 there was a wiki site that provided a directory and descriptions
of all available Fedora packages.  It is important to enable people to see
what is available that can be downloaded or yum-installed.  I went looking
for the equivalent for F7 and couldn't find it.  The DVD does not seem to
have everything on it (for example a lot of packages that were originally
in extras), and sometimes it is worthwhile to be able to check if a
package is available.  (For example, xmlcopyeditor provides FC5 rpms, but
is not in the Fedora repository.)

Where is the equivalent list and descriptions for F7?

We had a repository viewer running that served this purpose but has been disabled recently due to some issues. Jesse Keating, our release engineer was trying to get this up and running. Jesse, is that still in progress?


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