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Re: simple design and consistent look and feel

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mike McGrath wrote:
  And we shouldn't
be exposing users to the public mirror list? I disagree, especially during release time people need to figure out which mirrors work (many of them get overwhelmed) and the public list is kept fairly accurate because of its checks and when a user gets to a mirror that is too slow for them, they can take a closer look.

This shouldn't be the primary interface. Users should be able to select the spin, type of media or installation, arch and region and get a url to ISO directly. Only if you opt to see the mirror list should you be shown that. The idea behind that is to not confuse users with a long list of mirrors and users wouldn't have to know the mirror structure to figure out the right location either.

Which is why I mentioned:


In my previous email. Besides, our prefered method is still bittorrent - not that its our users :(


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