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Design Ideas/Sumissions


    So, my best skill is not designing stylish and good lookin'
websites. I can hack things along, but that is what they end up
looking like.

    I'm submitting a request for design ideas for a Fedora Pastebin. I
started something, it works, it looks ok; but the graphics are not
mine. On that note, if the graphics used are yours... may we use them?
;-) I found them on the wiki. Anywho, I'd love ideas and proposals. If
anyone has time to do a mock up, or even just give feedback, that
would be awesome. The second request is for a Fedora Search System.
Again, I can hack something together, but would rather spend the time
actually making the search system work well. Any feedback and design
mockups are very welcome.

    * Pastebin: http://f3dora.org/ (or http://paste.fedoraunity.org)
      ... (or hopefully also http://paste.fedoraproject.org/). The
      pastebin runs on turbo gears using the Stickum codebase
      (http://code.google.com/p/stickum/) which uses the genshi
      engine. I can port any design over to the template engine so
      don't restrict yourself worrying about what templating engine is
      in use.
    * Search System: http://searchfedora.org/ . This system has not
      been worked on for quite some time now. I just ran out of free
      time. I've started working on it again. It is really going to be
      awesome. I'd really like a kickass design for it as I see this
      system bringing great value to the community. I'm hoping I have
      time to fix it up in the next few days. I've been packaging up
      the code that runs it the last day or so and expect to run
      another index soon. The template engine is fairly homebrew, but
      has very, very few limitations. I'm looking to integrate a cool
      image I've found on the wiki
      but really can't spend time designing the interface while at the
      same time working on the backend.

    I really hope there is some interest from this team to be a part
of these two projects. I'll end up hacking together designs for both
if I don't find any takers. Thanks for working on Fedora! We all
appreciate the hard work our websites team puts into the look and feel
of our presence on the Internet.

Jonathan Steffan

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