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Re: Design Ideas/Sumissions

Hey Jonathan,

You should coordinate with Ricky/lmacken here. They already have a working stickum in our test environments, and i know that the developer of stickum agreed in giving them access to the SVN. So you should get that also, and have the oportunity to submit code (if it interests you of course).

The current implementation by Ricky is in:

Luke also has one , already connected to FAS, but i think its currently offline.


On 9/14/07, Jonathan Steffan <jonathansteffan gmail com> wrote:
Kamisamanou Burgess wrote:
> On 9/13/07, Jonathan Steffan < jonathansteffan gmail com> wrote:
>> Team,
>>     So, my best skill is not designing stylish and good lookin'
>> websites. I can hack things along, but that is what they end up
>> looking like.
>>     I'm submitting a request for design ideas for a Fedora Pastebin.
>> What exactly is the purpose of the PasteBin? Could you give an example of
>> how it would be used to benefit the community?
>> Also, you should talk to someone in the artwork list about those images.
We use pastebins extensively while supporting users on IRC. So we have a
choice of using a non-branded Fedora pastebin where we have no influence
over the look and functions of the pastebin, or we end up with users
using a "commercial" pastebin (read: pastebin with advertisements). We
can also develop a client that can be yum installed for helping users
share needed information. Inclusive, we could have predefined tests to
help us better support users via IRC. Example: irc-help --profile ...
will give us something like: uname -a; lspci [...] we could even import
smolt stuff (and even have the pastebin pass off the smolt profile).
There are lots of neat things we can do that will both help our IRC
users and those that support them.

If done correctly, the fedora pastebin would also be integrated with
other fedora systems. We could start FAQ items from issues found on the
pastebin. Integration with bugzilla. This discussion should be another
thread if others want to brainstorm.

Jonathan Steffan

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