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Re: Design Ideas/Sumissions

Paulo Santos wrote:
> Hey Jonathan,
> You should coordinate with Ricky/lmacken here. They already have a working
> stickum in our test environments, and i know that the developer of stickum
> agreed in giving them access to the SVN. So you should get that also, and
> have the oportunity to submit code (if it interests you of course).

That's the plan. ;-)

> The current implementation by Ricky is in:
> http://publictest5.fedora.redhat.com/stickum/

Yes, I had seen it.

> Luke also has one , already connected to FAS, but i think its currently
> offline.
This is good news.

I went with stickum so I could contribute to the source and we (read:
existing fedora infrastructure) will benefit. I don't want our pastebin
to be "just another pastebin" which are what the comments I've gotten so
far seem to state. I don't think there will be any objections in the
Fedora Unity group to use proper Fedora infrastructure hosting the
pastebin. We've wanted one for some time, I needed to learn turbogears
and we (Fedora Unity) just got a new dedicated server to run stuff on.
This was a good thing to get up and running and it gave me a break from
all the Plone work I've been working on. I will, of course, point any
domain in the public scope at the Fedora hosted pastebin. Right now,
this gives me the freedom to try new things without any red tape, not to
say we really have any, moreso I don't want to be responsible for
anything "bad" happening. Thanks for the feedback.

Jonathan Steffan

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