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Please, don't throw this away.

New user, completely astounded at how impossible Fedora is to use. Please, please, pass this on to someone who can fix this thing. Because I like Fedora, but it's killing me.
Is anybody in charge here? ( I know, the answer is both yes& no. But ultimately someone somewhere must have a significant clue )

The following is a list of woes suffered since trying to use Fedora:

  • Computer running at full speed for most of last couple of days
  • Download limits exceeded
  • Persistent headache
  • End of tether reached
  • Difficulty communicating with others
  • Possible psychotic episodes

It's all to do with finding out what Fedora can & can't do - what works well, what doesn't. Every time i try something new, like KDE  versus Gnome, I can look forward to several hours of downloading. It shouldn't be that frustrating. You should be encouraging people to try new things, not making is a total waste of time.  I suppose  your  internet  connections  are  faster -  ours  are  like  swamps.

Things I want:
  • Ability to quickly try & discard applications
  • Not the latest software, just something that works.
  • The ability to investigate the potentials and shortcomings of Linux, preferably on virtual PC or VMware or whatever. I like my XP OS, mainly because I understand it.
  • Quick, fast, light. I don't want/need the latest version. It came in the box, it should go back in the box, it should come back out of the box. Requiring that I then download every update is ludicrous. If I don't like something it costs me hours.
  • I made a mistake - let me get back what I had yesterday. When I thought I'd try xfce desktop it cost me about 16 hours to get back to something I could use. No joke. What is that thing?
  • And frankly the whole process just makes me think maybe Windows isn't so bad after all. I just happen to be doing a course right now that thinks Linux servers are a good idea. Maybe they are, but Lin desktops cause heart attacks.
Remember - fast & light. Fast & light. Fast and light......

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