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Re: Please, don't throw this away.

On 9/15/07, Gareth <garethic spin net au> wrote:
New user, completely astounded at how impossible Fedora is to use. Please, please, pass this on to someone who can fix this thing. Because I like Fedora, but it's killing me.
Is anybody in charge here? ( I know, the answer is both yes& no. But ultimately someone somewhere must have a significant clue )

The following is a list of woes suffered since trying to use Fedora:

  • Computer running at full speed for most of last couple of days
  • Download limits exceeded
  • Persistent headache
  • End of tether reached
  • Difficulty communicating with others
  • Possible psychotic episodes

It's all to do with finding out what Fedora can & can't do - what works well, what doesn't. Every time i try something new, like KDE  versus Gnome, I can look forward to several hours of downloading. It shouldn't be that frustrating. You should be encouraging people to try new things, not making is a total waste of time.  I suppose  your  internet  connections  are  faster -  ours  are  like  swamps.

Things I want:
  • Ability to quickly try & discard applications
  • Not the latest software, just something that works.
  • The ability to investigate the potentials and shortcomings of Linux, preferably on virtual PC or VMware or whatever. I like my XP OS, mainly because I understand it.
  • Quick, fast, light. I don't want/need the latest version. It came in the box, it should go back in the box, it should come back out of the box. Requiring that I then download every update is ludicrous. If I don't like something it costs me hours.
  • I made a mistake - let me get back what I had yesterday. When I thought I'd try xfce desktop it cost me about 16 hours to get back to something I could use. No joke. What is that thing?
  • And frankly the whole process just makes me think maybe Windows isn't so bad after all. I just happen to be doing a course right now that thinks Linux servers are a good idea. Maybe they are, but Lin desktops cause heart attacks.
Remember - fast & light. Fast & light. Fast and light......

Fedora-websites-list mailing list
Fedora-websites-list redhat com

First, I want say that I am very sorry that you're having so much trouble with Fedora.

Second, I would like to point out that this is not the correct list for this inquiry. We handle problems dealing with the website only. The correct place for this is fedora-list.

And lastly, all operating systems must update. Even Windows has dozens of critical updates that one must apply every time you install it. And personally, I switched back to Windows XP for a breif period a few weeks ago and it was absolutely horrible. I'd also like to point out that the Australian broadband structure is horrible. If you don't like downloading the ISO from the internet, there are dozens of places online to buy Fedora on disk for very little money. I do hope you're able to find someone who can help you get the most out of Fedora, or at least help you find what works best for you.

Kamisamanou Burgess
Kamisamanou.net - http://www.kamisamanou.net
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