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Re: How Can I Help

On 9/15/07, brian freeman <sk8_929 hotmail com> wrote:
My name is Brian and in a couple of hours i am going to become a part of your project, i am
writing to ask a couple of questions about this OS firstly how can i help and learn the program langue is their a
how to site 2nd will it run office, third can i run mp3's and dose it have network support.
I am doing this because i don't like vista it just have to much problems.

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Welcome Brian,
   The list you are in is for issues with the website only. On that note, you could benefit from learning (x)HTML, CSS, and PHP. Other knowledge of content management systems such as Plone and wiki systems such as MoinMoin will help.

As for your last two questions: You might be able to run MS Office with wine, but a far better choice would be OpenOffice.org. It will open almost any office suite's documents. Yes, you can play mp3's in Fedora. Go to http://rpm.livna.org and follow their instructions on how to install the repository. After you have the livna repository, install VLC Media Player(it will play almost anything).

!!! Important !!! : For further questions on how to do certain things in Fedora, consult fedora-list, or http://fedoraforum.org, not this list

Kamisamanou Burgess
Kamisamanou.net - http://www.kamisamanou.net
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