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Re: Please, don't throw this away.

Ricky Zhou wrote:
On Sun, Sep 09/16/07, 2007 at 09:10:57AM +1000, Andrew Myers wrote:
Any idea where these people are getting this email address from?  Do
we need to look at the "feedback" or "contact us" mechanism on the
site?  It seems it is possibly not serving us well?  Should

Also should we look at this being a closed list?
fedora-websites-list handles the email for webmaster fedoraproject org
(somebody has to do it :))  I definitely agree that we need to make the
exact purpose fo this address much clearer, though (anybody want to
do a separate contact page with fuller explanations?)

For those on the list that aren't familiar there's a bit of recent history that goes along with the webmaster fp o address in that we just recently started redirecting it to this list. As far as making sure people know what to use webmaster for, I think people know the purpose. I don't think the person that sent the initial email actually had any actual changes in mind (it's very easy to find the right people to contact or bugzilla submissions) but instead of doing the work to submit bugs he was probably just frustrated and decided to complain to someone with no real end game in mind.... We've all been there before :)


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