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On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 05:43:03PM -0700, anthony c wrote:
> For the love of GOD I have tried to get the id_dsa.pub to work for two
> hours. I did the commands but the above ^^ file did not appear in my
> /home folder, whereas I am using a current Ubuntu release. I am have
> tried to hack it by pasting the pub key into a file under thatr
> directory and attaching it but the syntax must not be right. I know
> what my pub/private key is, but the terminal gpg didnt put it in my
> ~./.ssh/id_dsa.pub(didnt create it either). So can you please save me
> trouble and give an alternative? PLEASE!
The webmaster fedoraproject org address is only for issues related to 
Fedora's websites.  For general Fedora support, please refer to the
help resources described at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate.
If you're using Ubuntu, look at http://www.ubuntu.com/support instead.  

To answer some of your questions, ssh-keygen -t dsa should create an
id_dsa.pub and id_dsa in ~/.ssh.  This shouldn't really be related to
gpg.  If this doesn't work, try looking for other support as mentioned

Good luck,

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