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Re: Centralized Calendar Facility for Fedora Project

Zitat von John Babich <jmbabich gmail com>:

As I get more involved in various aspects of the Fedora Project, I
find it harder to track when different meetings are being held. I
imagine there are other project members in the same predicament.

One solution is to use an online tool like Google Calendar. We have
used this in the past for the Fedora Docs Project. See

Another temporary solution is a centralized wiki page with links to
each and every Fedora project and SIG meeting page. This will
eventually have a matrix of the regularly scheduled meeting times
assuming that these meetings will take place in the #fedora-meeting
IRC channel on FreeNode.

See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JohnBabich/Meetings for my first attempt.

The bottom line is this:

1. We need a central repository of all official, regularly scheduled meetings.
2. A central online tool like Google Calendar is ideal for this task.
(I certainly am open to other alternatives, even one that we host
3. An interim solution is a common wiki page which gets updated as needed.

There is a wiki page
for all meetings.

Kind regards,


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