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Re: fedora core dvds

tibicen comcast net wrote:
Hi, Not sure if you're the right person for this (hopefully you can forward this to the right person), but I was looking for an "official" copy of FC media and went to one of the vendors you list on your page here: http://fedoraproject.org/get-fedora

What I received was a hand-burned DVD; NOT what it was implied I was paying for. While of course I appreciate that FC is a darned bit cheaper (and infinitely better) than micro$soft, I was really disappointed and unhappy about this as I could have very easily burned my own DVD if that was what I had wanted, and I'm not exactly loaded with cash to the point where I can shrug off even a small expense like this.

You might want to put some sort of note up on that page to warn people what they will (and won't) be getting.

Sorry to hear about the bad experience. While we don't have much of a control over what the vendors listed actually do, we can delist vendors not delivering what they promise. Can you let us know exactly which vendor you bought the DVD from?


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