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Re: webmaster forwarding changes

On Jan 9, 2008, at 11:04 PM, Ricky Zhou wrote:

On 2008-01-09 09:49:44 PM, Mike McGrath wrote:
I've been doing a little research on the headers that get through to
mailman and it seems we can do some spam filtering. The question is what should the action be when webmaster fedoraproject org encounters spam.
Should we just reject it, drop it, or hold it?
Holding is probably the safest, to avoid false positives.

By the way, we discussed a bit, and we're back to having webmaster go
directly to the mailing list, with moderation for non-member posts.
With this happening, I think we should be pretty on top of mailing list
spam.  It sounds like the spam headers could be handy for filtering
occasional spam from list members, though (which I've seen happen).

I have been a list moderator for the webmaster address for half a year or so. I guess the policy before had been one of limited initial deletion, but just holding email from non list members. In my time modding the list, there have been a good number of occasions that I would have to "accept" a message. Most cases were from users incorrectly asking for Fedora help via the webmaster address, but there was an instance that an email from a Red Hat employee got held :)

As a side note, I guess the setup of the list (or the webmaster fp o email) has changed since this discussion started since I am no longer receiving moderation requests. Was this intentional?

Eric Kerby

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