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Introduction - Frank Chiulli

I am basically responding to Max Spevack's request for help.

I have some python experience but not much.  I have done a lot of
scripting in other languages just not python.  I have two python books
at home and have access to O'Reilly's Safari.  So I can do lots of
research if necessary.

I have some apache experience but that was actually quite awhile ago.
I'll have to clean out the cobwebs.

I have no genshi experience.  But I'm willing to learn.

I have been writing software and administering machines for over 40
years.  Although I have a PC on my desktop, almost all of my work has
been done on one flavor or another of Unix.  I do have a Fedora 9 box
at home.

I live in California.  Hope that doesn't make interfacing with others
a problem.  I have not run into too many volunteers from the West

Put me to work,

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