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Re: further get-fedora progress

Juan Camilo Prada wrote:

Couldnt it be that the most downloaded version is Desktop x86 because we
are not highlighting the other options (right now to see spins you have
to scroll down the page and get to the mirror listing). You might be
right, but then i still think Spins should be highlighted too as we are
promoting Spins as a fedora feature since fedora 7.

Sure, you can promote spins but not necessarily in a way that equates them with our primary option. The side box in your mockup is a good lead. Spins inherently cover niches and while they may be just the right choice for some people, it won't ever be the large majority. I maintain 2 of them (games and xfce) and have already proposed dozens more with one more important one I am working on.


I wouldn't put everything on the same page simply because you are not going to be able to accommodate them all together very soon.


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