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Re: Today's Meeting: 2300 UTC 8th May

On Thu, 8 May 2008, Jonathan Roberts wrote:

I hope this is OK and doesn't inconvenience too many people. With the release coming up, we've plenty of time to get our heads around what we want to do before we'll be able to make any large changes, so there's no rush. Let's just keep making good, steady progress :)

Ok, I'm glad we have a meeting time set-up for today, so let's talk a little bit about the flow of this meeting in particular.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend, since I am giving a talk about Fedora and Red Hat community building to the Triangle Linux User Group tonight at exactly the same time as the meeting.

JonRob, can you run today's meeting in my place?

Here is my recommended agenda and vision:

1) Let ricky spend 5 or 10 minutes giving everyone an update on all the websites stuff for fedora9. Maybe it won't even take that long, because everything is more or less good to go at this point, but it's worth a quick check-in.

2) Continue the discussion around the future plans for the work that the websites team wants to do.

I'd like to frame the discussion, once again, around the idea of splitting our efforts into a few different groups that proceed in parallel, and I envision future meetings turning into opportunities for each of these sub-groups (which will probably share some members) having opportunities to report in.

This is a group of contributors whose interest and expertise is in making the Fedora family of websites look and feel consistent. Tasks for this group include:

1) coming up with a unifying CSS and look/feel for all Fedora sites.

2) working with the art team as necessary.

3) <Your suggestions here>

This is a group of contributors whose interest and expertise is in the process of running a variety of websites, and in making sure that we have a good way of keeping content updated. Tasks for this group include:

1) working with the Infrastructure team, and making sure that we have processes and procedures that are as light as possible while still giving us a consistent way to push updates and keep our content correct.

2) maintaining a list of all fedora-owned domains and subdomains (like fp.o, fedorahosted.org, spins.fedoraproject.org), or "major fedora web applications" (like the wiki or FAS).

3) <Your suggestions here>

This is the group of people whose interest and expertise is in the actual content of our websites.

1) Work with the marketing team on the strategic messages that we want to send in different places of our web portfolio. Is it text, video, podcasts, etc?

2) Determine *where* the best destination for that content is. Keep in mind opportunities to work with Red Hat Magazine as well.

3) <Your suggestions here>.

The major engineering endeavor that I think we need to begin thinking about is how to build a web app that can be a useful spins inventory, repository, and acquisition mechanism.

1) Design.

2) Prototype.

3) Implement.

This is going to require some recruitment of other volunteers, as it is an honest-to-god engineering endeavor that needs to be run in the same was as any other Fedora Feature is.


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