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New look and feel discussions

Hey all,

So I said in the meeting this week I would take this up and see if we
can't start making some forward progress with it. There was, as Max
said recently, a great conversation on the Marketing list
is the closes I can find to its beginning).

The questions I have about it seem to be:

 * What do people think about the proposed top ten

I think they make a lot of sense, and I'm all for finding a way
forward to its creation :)

If others have specific questions about items, bring them up in this thread?

 * How are we going to progress with this?

There was a mention of usability testing. Is this our first port of
call, or do we want to start with brand new mock-ups? If it's the
latter, then I'm happy to set up a wiki page with a list of actions
where we can record how people got on with completing them.

Once that's out of the way, where do we want to go after that?

Thoughts/feedback? Let's get this ball rolling!



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