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Re: Can't view Fedora Tours slideshow

2008/5/29 Bradford Ritchie <britchie pobox com>:
> Hi,
> I was trying to look at the Fedora tours which appear to be a series of
> screenshots.  However, there is no "slideshow" option yet for Fedora 9, and
> viewing the screenshots individually is cumbersome because each link goes
> first to a thumbnail then to a full-size image, and one must back out to the
> links page each time in order to get to the next slide.  Could this be made
> so that each of the full-size images link back and forth to each other
> directly?  This may be what's meant by "migration-in-progress", but even the
> tours for older versions work this way.
> Also, the Fedora 8 Tour page has a "Slide Show" link but the link doesn't
> appear to work on either Firefox or IE.  Maybe it's my PC, but it's not
> clear what is wrong from the page that is presented.

Hello Brad,

Yes, this is what is meant by migration in progress :-} our wiki
migration has completely broken the tours, sorry for the

We do have our old wiki up while we continue our migration:


( note that some links may or may not point to the new/old wiki url ...)

Thank you for your e-mail,

Craig Thomas

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