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Self-introduction: Mel Chua

Hi! I'm Mel. This is my current mental model of our website, which you may have seen on Planet Fedora.


I'm still learning my way around, so I'm going to make tons of mistakes! Please correct me! Right now I'm trying to get lots of data dumps, perspectives on how the site's going, how it could be improved, trying to find stuff to hack on...

Experience-wise, I'm fluent in (X)HTML and CSS, though cross-browser compatibility issues make me Very Sad. I occasionally put up basic sites for friends as a combination hobby/because-I'm-the-"computer-person" thing. I've been playing on and off with it since high school when my idea of "good design" involved a tiled background of a Star Wars X-wing fighter and the <marquee> tag. (My taste has improved considerably since then.)

Anti-skillz: My sketching ability and sense of space and color (or lack thereof, particularly for the last one) can be seen in the image linked to above, and I understand how javascript-based UIs and db-backed webapps are made, but am not particularly gifted at making them, and I've learned just enough about usability to be dangerous.

Skillz: What I'm actually pretty good at is being articulately confused, and at breaking things - being a sort of Perpetual Newbie From Hell who inexplicably submits good bug reports. I blame my brief stint as a QA engineer for that. I can also be a Mediawiki fiend, having spent the past 2 years or so building up, weeding, and admin-ing http://wiki.laptop.org. I try to ask interesting questions and to not get distracted by shiny stuff, though the success rate of the latter is... a work in progress.

A question, since I'm following down the http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Join page: when is the next meeting? According to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Meetings#Time_and_Place, the next meeting is in 2008 - so I'm curious whether there are still meetings held, and if not, if folks would be interested in gathering for one on IRC sometime this week or early next.

Seems like a good time to look at our site, since plenty of new users are hitting it and giving us potentially interesting data on the kinds of things that could be improved. ;)


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