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Re: Distribute Fedora on a CD [REF:39014414049]

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 07:46:22AM -0400, Red Hat Customer Service wrote:
> ---- Original Message ----
> From: sverne Topics-Ent com
> Sent: 23-Jun-2009 18:22:58
> To: customerservice redhat com
> Subject: Distribute Fedora on a CD
> I am interested in finding the information of who I would contact to get
> the rights to include an ISO image of Fedora on a CD I am selling.
> Please can forward this email to the correct person or provide me
> contact their contact information.
> Thanks in advance,
> Steven Verne
> TOPICS Entertainment


In general, Fedora's licensing terms mean you are welcome to press our
ISO image to CD and sell it for a fee.  Assuming you are selling an
unmodified copy of Fedora, you can consult our trademark guidelines
for more information here:


Also applicable to your sale is the license for Fedora itself, which
is a collected work licensed under the GNU GPL:

There is a requirement for making the source for the distribution
available to your customers as well.  If you have further specific
questions on how to meet this and any other requirements in the Fedora
license, you can ask questions on our fedora-legal-list:


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