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Re: Introducing myself!

Stefano Sordini wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> don't know why i haven't signed up before to this mailing list but
> anyhow there is always time for everything :)
> My name is Stefano Sordini, 22 years old and passionate with Web, Linux
> and music! Although the young of my age i have managed to turn this
> passion into a profession. I own an Internet Provider mainly providing
> web design/development, web hosting, server hosting and graphics design!
> I have over 9 years of experience on website design (got my first HTML
> book in 1998) and this is the reason i applied for this certain mailing
> list. I would really like to contribute to Fedora's websites project
> either by maintaining current websites or by helping on their (re)design
> if ever needed to.
> I hold a BSc degree on Computer Science and now i am doing my
> Postgraduate degree on Management Information Systems in the University
> of Surrey. My e-mail address for whoever to contact me directly is
> stef netshop-isp com cy <mailto:stef netshop-isp com cy>
> Once again, really happy to join fedora community via websites project
> mailing list.


Welcome to Fedora.


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