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[Fedora-xen] 32 bit domU, 64 bit dom0?

I tried to follow the instructions in the FC6 Xen fedoraproject wiki
page and tried installing 32 bit FC6 guest while booted in x86_64 dom0,
the virt-manager tells me invalid argument and the xend-debug.log
file says ERROR: Kernel not a Xen-compatible Elf image.

Does this mean it is, in fact, impossible to run a 32bit guest
(x86 architecture) on a 64 bit x86_64 host?

Or does it just mean virt-manager isn't prepared to try doing an
install from a 32 bit fedora install tree?

Installing an x86_64 guest seems to be working fine, by the way.

(I can't ever seem to find a plain statement about 32 versus 64
bit compatibility under Xen, though I have seen plain statements
that I can't run a 64 bit guest under and 32 bit host, which
sort of implies by omission that maybe I can run a 32 bit guest
under a 64 bit host as long as we are talking x86 architecture
in general).

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