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[Fedora-xen] kernel naming

Apparently I missed this tidbit about kernel/name changes, back to the old style, any reason why yum didn't update them?  Guess it doesn't really matter for final since the installs will use the "new/old-style" name changes.

uname -r

 rpm -qa kernel\*

 yum update kernel\*
No Packages marked for Update/Obsoletion

 yum list *\xen\*
kernel-xen-guest.i686                    2.6.15-1.2009.4.2_FC5  installed      
kernel-xen-guest-devel.i686              2.6.15-1.2009.4.2_FC5  installed      
kernel-xen-hypervisor.i686               2.6.15-1.2009.4.2_FC5  installed      
kernel-xen-hypervisor-devel.i686         2.6.15-1.2009.4.2_FC5  installed      
xen.i386                                 3.0.1-3                installed      
xen-debuginfo.i386                       3.0.1-3                installed      
Available Packages
kernel-xen0.i686                         2.6.15-1.2032_FC5      development    
kernel-xen0-devel.i686                   2.6.15-1.2032_FC5      development    
kernel-xenU.i686                         2.6.15-1.2032_FC5      development    
kernel-xenU-devel.i686                   2.6.15-1.2032_FC5      development    

* Mon Mar 06 2006 Dave Jones <davej redhat com>
- Disable DRI on Radeon R300 and above, due to instability. (#174646,#182196)
- Don't do voluntary preempt until after bootup

* Mon Mar 06 2006 Stephen Tweedie <sct redhat com>
- Merge xen rebase with 1.2016 kernel
- Rename kernel-xen-(hypervisor|guest) to kernel-xen(0|U) for consistency
 with upstream and to make kernel subtype suffixes match the subpackage
 names.  (From Jeremy Katz.)
- Export mmap-able kva interface for xen to find the xenstore page
 (xen-unstable cset 9130)
- Remove stale linux-2.6-xen-module-fault
.patch file
- Add workaround for non-xen ia64 builds: temporarily back-out the ia64-
 specific portions of linux-2.6-xen.patch.

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