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Re: [Fedora-xen] "enhanced" xenguest-install.py

On Mar 19, 2006, at 2:39 PM, Jeremy Katz wrote:

For the multi-disk case at least, it's definitely useful and the patch
in bugzilla would do wonders for getting it in the package ;-)

Filed. Though, perhaps I sent this out too soon.... even though this script makes valid xen config files, as soon as my install reaches the point where it's about to start formatting my exported drives, anaconda aborts. I doubt it's directly the fault of these modifications, given that anaconda has already configured the drives and has downloaded a lot of data before it goes bad.... but that doesn't leave me with a workable system. How do I figure out what anaconda is unhappy about?

Yeah, I'm not entirely happy with the default bridging setup, but am not
sure exactly what makes more sense.  I think we're pretty open to
suggestions and seeing what works for people.

I don't mind the bridging. And I don't suppose I'd mind NAT, either. All I need is a way to specify that domU A only sees dom0's eth1, and that domU B only sees dom0's eth2.

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