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[Fwd: [Fedora-xen] DeprecationWarning: Non-ASCII character '\xeb' ....]

Hi all,

just to inform you, i have already modified the opt.py file as it is advised in the article, which i have read following the link in the error-statement.

I added the following first two lines:

# -*- coding: iso-8859-15 -*-

But the error is the same. Do i still miss something? Does anybody has an idea?

The base-system is FC5 on AMD-64 with 2GB memory.

Thank you very much and best regards,


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [Fedora-xen] DeprecationWarning: Non-ASCII character '\xeb' ....
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 16:56:36 +0100
From: Thomas Trepper <thomas trepper microbyte at>
To: fedora-xen redhat com

Hi all,

i have a fresh install of FC5 and the xen-kernel enabled. Yesterday i 
created two quest-systems also based on FC5, one in graphical mode with 
vnc and the other one in text-mode and all systems were running yesterday.

Today when i will start up the systems i get the following error:

[root gondor ttrepper]# /usr/sbin/xm list
Name                              ID Mem(MiB) VCPUs State  Time(s)
Domain-0                           0     1878     1 r-----    33.3

[root gondor ttrepper]# /usr/sbin/xm create -c /share/test
Using config file "/share/test".
DeprecationWarning: Non-ASCII character '\xeb' in file /share/test on 
line 1, but no encoding declared; see 
http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0263.html for details
 execfile(defconfig, globs, locs)
Error: invalid syntax (test, line 1)

Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks a lot and kind regards,


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