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[Fedora-xen] Problems with Xen + FC5 + Thinkpad

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Hello all,

I recently upgraded from FC4 to FC5 on my Thinkpad T30 laptop and am looking forward to playing with
Xen. However, I've hit a few stumbling blocks along the way. Following the instructions at


I installed the Xen0 kernel and booted my system with it. However it hangs, seemingly forever, at
the "Starting xend" stage. The OS seems ok as keypresses are still printed to the screen, but
because the daemon never completes its startup process the boot sequence never finishes. Upon
rebooting I noticed an error that gets printed while the kernel is loading, which says that it could
not bind IRQ2 to guest because it is in use by cascade. This happens consistently, so I wonder if
it's a hardware problem?

I booted the system into single user mode and chkconfig'd xend off, booted normally and attempted to
start the daemon post-boot. It printed a message about starting the Bridged Firewall, which I had
not seen during bootup, but still seemed to hang indefinitely.

Oh, and SELinux is loaded but not enforcing. Should that be sufficient?

Does anyone have suggestions for how I might further troubleshoot this?

- --Brad
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