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Re: [Fedora-xen] What's the Pre-requisites for virt-manager

Thanks, Dan.

so for "pygtk2 >= 1.99.12-6", it means 1.99.12 - 1.6?
And I can say if we want virt-manager to run, pygtk2 1.99.12 can be OK, right?

BTW, I found these 2 requirements are different, for example, I can't find Matplotlib in download.html. So could you mind giving me a total list, including Pre-requisites and its earlist version, on what we need to build and run virt-manager?

Thanks again....


Daniel P. Berrange 写道:
On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 01:22:58AM +0800, Henry Zhang wrote:
Hi all,

I am a little confused on the Pre-requisites for virt-manager, because I
am finding two:

1. at http://virt-manager.et.redhat.com/faq.html, under "What other
libraries are needed prior to installing "Virtual Machine Manager"?"

2. and find another one under "Pre-requisites" at

I am thinking 2 is a general one for all version of virt-manager, and 1
is exactly indicating the requirement before running latest virt-manger.
is it correct?

The list on the download.html page is more up2date / accurate - I'll fix
the list under the faq.html to match this.


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