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Re: [Fedora-xen] hvm mode and windows xp (xen 3.0.3-rc3)

On 03/11/06, David Parsley <parsley linuxjedi org> wrote:

> I'm a bit of a failure at running windows xp in the hvm mode. to be
> honest nothing went the way it should have on my notebook with turion
> 64 x2 processor inside.

Just a quick note: I had good luck installing WinXP on FC6 today.
Dunno if it'll help you, but I've attached my config file.  The big
thing that made it work for me:  when the Windows installer asks you
to press F6 to load drivers, press F5, and select 'Standard PC

thanks for the hint. i guess all the problems i faced with during win
2k/xp setup have their origins in static hal that is chosen at the
very beginning and probably because of the way xen handles presence of
acpi in a hvm domain.

nevertheless a general rule for those who just want that os running
without bells and whistles is to install windows without acpi support
(to do so 'standard pc' or 'standard pc with c-step i486' should be

btw i still have to use qemu to install windows xp properly. otherwise
i'm unable to select an appropriate hal after pressing f5 key, as 'up'
and 'down' keys don't respond regardless of graphical interface (sdl
or vnc) i use. strange, isn't it?

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