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Re: [Fedora-xen] enlarge file backed filesystem

I guess I don't understand how to fix the partition size using unix tools.

Here is what I tried for a ntfs file backed system:

#add a gig to file

dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1024 >> file.image

parted file.image
Disk /vserver/images/xp.img: 3171MB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos

Number  Start   End     Size    Type     File system  Flags
1      32.3kB  2093MB  2093MB  primary  ntfs         boot
2093MB 3171MB 1078MB Free Space (parted) resize 1 32.3kB 3171MB No Implementation: Support for opening ntfs file systems is not implemented yet.

Not sure how to fix partition table and image is not bootable at this point.

I tryed ntfsresize
ntfsresize v1.13.1 (libntfs 9:0:0)
Device name        : /dev/mapper/loop1p1
NTFS volume version: 3.1
Cluster size       : 2048 bytes
Current volume size: 2093253120 bytes (2094 MB)
Current device size: 2093253120 bytes (2094 MB)
New volume size    : 2999996928 bytes (3000 MB)
ERROR: New size can't be bigger than the device size.
If you want to enlarge NTFS then first enlarge the device size by e.g. fdisk.

Andrew Cathrow wrote:
It's possible but not nice.

Obviously the first step is to back up your existing file before you try
any of this ....

First step is you need to enlarge the file itself.
Use dd to to this for example
dd if=/dev/zero of=myImage.img seek=***** bs=1M count=1

The seek value should be big enough to seek past the current data so we
don't overwrite anything - so for example make it a 2gb past the end of
the file.
You now have a larger sparse file.
At this point you have a larger disk but your partition table is out of
So you need to use a tool like parted/gparted to change the partition
table. You can also use fdisk if you're feeling brave.
These tools won't work directly on a file, so you'll need to create a
block device for that image, you can use kpartx for this, see the link

When you've enlarged the partition to the correct size then you'll need
to resize the ntfs file system - for this you'll need ntfsresize.

Good luck, don't forget the backup !


On Tue, 2006-11-07 at 06:04 -0600, Jeff wrote:
I have created an xp domain and fc6 domain but I picked too small of size for the image.

My xp domain is using a physical device (logical volume) and my fc6 domain is using a file for the mapped disk.

Isn't there a way to enlarge the filesystem of the guest by enlarging the backing file/device? If so, what exactly do you do to enlarge the backing file/dev?


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